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1st Sep, 2017

Danish Headphone Design: AIAIAI

AIAIAI Pipe AIAIAI is not only the company with the most hilarious company name I’ve read to date, but also the one with the most amazing and best-working products. For years now I’ve been a huge fan of their AIAIAI TM-2, a fully modular headphone, which allows the user full control and flexibility to get a product that fits the needs of every listener with no limitation regarding their music taste.

Due to their strong connections and focus on modern electronic music, the products are of course very themed to function with the scene’s aesthetics and their corresponding image. Therefore Kilo Design, the design company behind AIAIAI’s products, did an amazing job by creating foremost first functional, but also beautiful products. Their minimal approach works in this case even on AIAIAI’s in-ear’s — the AIAIAI Pipe.

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The sound is mesmerizing. Nearly every constellation (including their in-ears) emphasises very much on a strong, clean bass, while not compromising in the higher frequencies and only very subtle in the Mids. Of course, electronic music genres such as Techno, Garage or House bring best results to the table, while other genres still work fine as well.

AIAIAI’s TMA-2 and Pipe are available for purchase on aiaiai.dk’s website.

31st Aug, 2017

Monochrome Living: Hotel Mono in Singapore

Hotel Mono Facade Die-hard minimalists may have found their place to be: the Hotel Mono, located in Singapore’s Chinatown, is covered in solely monochrome colors, that give the restored six shophouses a revived touch.

Each of the 46 rooms is equipped in all functionalist-themed furniture, inviting people to either give their room, by unpacking their own luggage, an own touch or enjoying the calmness of genericness. No doubt, the sleek lines and the combination of white walls with black, grey and wooden furniture looks neat, but also gives an insight of, what I think, will future living look like — a (possible) future in which will we be all nomads instead of settled [more on that soon!].

Hotel Mono Room 1

Especially inspiring is the multi-purpose of those sleek lines, making them not only good looking, but also adding a subtle light source to the room and offering a place to hang your clothes.

Hotel Mono Room 2

All in all, Hotel Mono’s approach is very unique by integrating the elegance of monochrome colors into the Hotel visitors’ needs, inviting for more hotel owners to follow this interesting concept.

Promotional photos by Hotel Mono
30th Aug, 2017

A handy tool: “Touché” by Expressive E


Besides the heavy focus on futuristic living concepts and other new approaches, Konstrukt will also be a platform for modern aesthetics and new sounds. Not only to serve as a stage to simply present those modern creations, but also get to know and dig deeper into its (production) process and history, and maybe understand the “how” and “why”.

An interesting new approach on how to create and play with sounds, has been recently delivered by the Paris-based company Expressive E with “Touché”. What on the first sight looks like a modern guitar or drum pedal, is in reality a pretty modern, touch-based MIDI controller, that offers the ability to generate sound very intuitively by touching, moving, stroking or pushing.

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Due to it’s pretty sleek, minimalistic design language, which is obviously inspired by Ableton’s very own “Push”, the controller is a piece of hardware, that’s seamlessly integrated into nearly every digital-orientated setup. The addition of the thin layer of wood on top of the touch surface, even should provide the feeling of playing an common instrument, but gives it rather a very elegant touch(é).

Multiple possibilities of customisation, new sound scales that have been now made accessible with “Touché”, allow the user a wide range of new inspirational possibilities, that other (common) solutions don’t offer yet. With a price tag of 399€ it’s not only a tool for professionals, and therefore should be considered as a possible kickstart of a new wave of sound artists.

Promotional photos by Expressive E
29th Aug, 2017

Hello, this is Konstrukt.


With Konstrukt, I’m starting an attempt of creating a site that’s dedicated to exploring all kinds of minimalistic life concepts in connection with approaches of figuring out how our future could look and feel like. Streaming and renting services are nowadays (in 2017) no niche anymore. How does this new approach affect our consumption in general, and also how will this behaviour affect other parts of our lives?
How will we live in the future? What are possible solutions and will these new living conditions affect society’s behaviour and approach to life — and in what way will we change?
What design language comes next, how will we dress and look like? What music will dominate the charts in, for example, 2030? And how is that music made?

All questions that are interesting and definitely will be tackled at some point in the (near) future, but of course I won’t forget about the present, which offers a lot of modernity and interesting new approaches to common things.

If you’re interested and want to stay tuned, then either subscribe to us via RSS (yes, that’s still a thing!), or follow us on Twitter @konstruktlink or on Facebook /konstruktlink.